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An Inspiring True Story with a Powerful Message
by Jim Stovall

I only knew of Joye while she was living as the mother of one of my colleagues and coworkers. Joye’s daughter, Dorothy Thompson, types and edits all of my weekly syndicated columns, the screenplays for my movies, and each of my books including the one you are reading right now. Through Dorothy, I sent several notes and autographed copies of my books to Joye, and she reciprocated by having Dorothy bring homemade baklava back to me. This was much more than a fair trade from my perspective.

Dorothy took some time off when her mother was hospitalized, and at a point when her death was imminent, Joye told her daughter Dorothy about a special box at the house. After Joye passed away, Dorothy and her siblings had the opportunity to go through that box, and they discovered an incomparable creative treasure. The box was filled with Joye Kanelakos’s life’s work as an amazing poet.

Imagine the experience of burying your mother and holding close all of the thoughts and memories of this special person you thought you knew completely, but then you discover a treasure chest of poetry like this:

Image of items in Joye's Special Box Image of items in Joye's Special Box

The world awaits as morning breaks

Above the rim of a shimmering hill;

Color showers the skies awake, 

And the trees stand restless and still.

Silence reigns with a gentle hand

As life, still cradled in its hold,

Stretches to greet the waking land

All sprinkled now with silver and gold.

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